The Big Five

Student Behavior Expectations - The Big Five

To promote the development of students' good citizenship and the smooth operation of Kent Prairie Elementary, the following are the "Big Five" expectations for student behavior. 

  1. Use kind words and actions
  2. Walk at all times, in designated areas
  3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to self
  4. Listen to and follow directions from all adults
  5. Use appropriate voice level and tone when speaking

Here is how the "Big Five" looks in specific areas:


Walk in a straight line 
Walk on the right side of the hallway
Stop at intersections & wait your turn
Stay with your class class


Enter and leave classrooms quietly
Go directly to your destination
Return to class immediately   
Stay on task


Hold tray correctly (two hands) 
Pick up supplies in one trip
Eat only your own food
Sit appropriately at the tables 
Clean your area
Raise your hand to be excused
Return your tray using the appropriate pa


Give attention to speaker/performance
Clap at appropriate times
Participate when appropriate


Give people privacy 
Keep feet on the floor
Wash hands and flush toilet
Clean up after yourself 
Return directly to classroom


Wait in designated areas
Help others get where they need to be
Arrive and leave on time 
Use appropriate language/topic of discussion 
Follow bus and C Pod pick-up rules
Enter and exit appropriately
Stay seated until directed to stand


General Expectations 
Observe safety regulations for walkers, bicycles, buses, and cars.
Dress appropriately for classroom instruction and the weather.
Refrain from spitting and gum chewing.
Follow the dress code (See page 24 ).
Eat food only in designated areas and at appropriate times.
Leave at home all potentially dangerous, distracting, or valuable items