KP fifth graders experience outdoor learning

KP fifth graders experience outdoor learning
Outdoor EducationThroughout the month of October, Arlington fifth graders are visiting Cedar Springs Camp in Lake Stevens to engage in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) activities as well as participate in team building with their classmates. This is the second year Arlington fifth graders have visited the camp but the first time they’ve camped in the fall versus the spring.

“We’ve found that by visiting the camp in the fall, it’s a really great time for the fifth graders to bond since they just started back to school last month,” said Colleen Van Belle, Kent Prairie Elementary Principal. “It’s great to see them build relationships as a class. They’re also learning skills like applied science, critical thinking, cooperation, and leadership.”

The students spend three days and two nights at the camp. They participate in outdoor classes and learn about group cooperation, team building, the wildlife of Washington state, ecology, shelter building, rock climbing, archery and fire building.

“I enjoyed building a fire,” said fifth grader Landon Weber. “They provided us with instructions, and we built the fire with paper and cardboard.”

“This is my first time being at a camp and it’s been a lot of fun,” said fifth grader Holly Henderson.

The camp was paid for by a grant from Outdoor Schools Washington.