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Learning Opportunities


AR Test Be a Dinosaur:

Each day will have a new reading lesson which includes a video and activity.

PBS Learning: (All subjects too)

PBS Reading Games:

Storytime from Space:

Education World:

Reading games for all grade levels

Unite for Literacy:

Free ebooks

Amazon and Barnes and Noble: search Free Kindle books at or Free Ebooks at

Epic Use Mrs. Roys code she sent you



Math and Reading games based on the grade level of the student. Fun interactive game-like way of practicing skills based on common core standards. 

Math Playground

Has a section for math games by grade level 1st-6th grade.  Broken down by Common core strands

Bed Time Math Offers 10 minute lessons/games for you to do at home that center around math

Fun way to practice facts by playing with students around the world in a race format.

Math Whizz

A few games for each math strand

Khan Academy

Greg Tang

Math games for all grade levels

Math Game Time

Math Toy Theater


Math, reading, and phonics for K-3

Short video and quiz after some also have a karaoke song to go along


Mystery Science


Answers a question of the day with a short video.  Students can also send in questions and they may get answered.

Make Me Genius

Science Videos per grade level


Book Creator

ePals- Online pen pals

Story Starter

Helps the kids start a story by providing an interesting first sentence.


Hour of Code

Coding site for kids to start to learn to code.  Includes many fun games like minecraft, flappy bird, and angry birds.

Chrome Music Lab BreakoutEdu

Using logic and prior knowledge students must breakout of the game to win.


Students can make stories and then code their character(s) to follow actions from the stories.

Art for Kids Hub

Youtube channel for students to learn how to draw certain things

Lunch Doodles with Mo Williams

STEM Design Squad

30 Day Lego Building Challenge


Social Stories

Make your own social story using these as a guide. Or just read these.

Language games

Articulation Games



Have students tell about the steps for these common sequences. Model the steps you take for these sequences as well.

Phonological awareness

Story Builder/Mad Libs


Articulation cards -varied sounds

Articulation of /r/

Articulation for readers