Kent Prairie Library



Dear KP Parents/Guardians:

During this time of distance learning for your students, I would like to offer my assistance in connecting you with resources you might need that can be accessed online.  If there are specific resources you need that are not listed here, please let me know and I will see what I can find for you. (


*EPIC! Navigate to and in the upper right corner, click SIGN IN.

Click the button STUDENTS and EDUCATORS.

On the left side under STUDENT LOGIN, type the class code of mwx3825 .

Click on the desired reading level and type in the password for the grade level (0005 for 5th, 0004 for 4th, 0003 for 3rd, etc.)

Some books are audiobooks which are read aloud with no illustrations, some books are read aloud with illustrations, and some books have text (and illustrations if available) for users to read on the screen.  There is a wide selection of both fiction and nonfiction.

*Junior Library Guild.  For the time being, JLG is offering all of their reading selections online for free.  Go to, click on “Elementary Stream” and start reading their great books.  There is a wide selection of fiction and nonfiction.

*Storyline Online

From the Screen Actors Guild Foundatoin, Storyline Online features actors reading stories aloud. Activity packets are available to go with each story.


*World Book Online

Username: wbsupport

Password: distancelearn

World Book Online has more than just encyclopedia articles.  Available resources are:

- stories, activities, videos and games for early learners and intermediate students

- timelines of history as well as tools to create your own timeline

- nonfiction e-books on a wide variety of topics

- educational activity ideas

- reader theater scripts and plays

- science experiments and resources

- social studies resources

- reference materials in several languages

- and of course, excellent reference tools such as encyclopedias and dictionaries

*Scholastic Learn at Home.

Free resources and lessons to use at home.  Scroll to the bottom to find the appropriate grade level.  Students are able to access a new variety of learning opportunities each day they visit.  Twenty days of lessons to be done at the student’s own pace are provided for lots of different subjects.


Brush up on your typing skills. I can set you up with a free account on If you are interested in this, email me ( and I will make your account for you :) guides you through where your fingers should rest and reach on the keyboard letter by letter in step-by-step lessons.

*Go Noodle
GoNoodle: Good Energy at Home provides ways for kids and families to move and learn together.  GoNoodle: Good Energy at Home offers free:
• Movement, yoga, and mindfulness video
• Downloadable curricular activities
• Recommended off-screen home activities

*Starfall (K-3)

Starfall has games and activities for a wide variety of subject areas for grades K-3.

Nadine Roys

Kent Prairie Elementary

Library/Technology Specialist


Here are some things your students will be learning in library this year.

Kindergarten through second grade students will be listening to nominated titles from the Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Awards.  Each book has a lesson associated with one or more of the following:

  • Topics related to the content of the book
  • What a character is
  • What setting is
  • What plot is (problem/solution, sequencing)
  • Rhymes
  • How illustrations affect a story
  • The jobs of the author and illustrator
  • The purpose of the title page in a book
  • Folktales
  • What is nonfiction and fiction?

Students will be voting on their favorite of the twenty nominees late in the year.

Third grade students will be reading the Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Awards as well as focusing on how to use the library’s Destiny system to locate a book, what a call number is, and how the library is organized.

Fourth and fifth grade students will be learning about the research process.  Lessons will include:

  • How to locate resources in the library using the Destiny system
  • How to take notes for research using a graphic organizer
  • What plagiarism is
  • How to create a works cited page using the MLA format
  • How to conduct efficient searches with search engines
  • How to evaluate web resources