Ms. Farnsworth


Ms. Farnsworth's 5th Grade

Welcome! My name is Ms. Farnsworth and I'm starting my 17th year teaching at Kent Prairie. I'm excited to be your teacher this year and look forward to an adventurous year. You will quickly learn more about me but, just to get you started, I love to travel and am often found spending time with friends and family.
Please explore this website and learn all about our 5th grade classroom.
The search is on for geobear hosts for this year. We send teddy bears around the world to help us learn about geography and cultures around the world! If you are planning a trip, know someone who is traveling, or have a friend who lives elsewhere, please let me know. We'd love to send a small teddy bear with you on your adventure. These destinations can be national or international! It is easy and fun to participate. I will provide you with information and help. Please email me if you are interested!